Code of Conduct

PlayPokerNights (PPN) Tournament Rules


PPN abides by a set standard of Rules and Regulations set by convening authorities. These Rules and Regulations can be found online. Or Downloaded HERE


Differences in rules include (but are not limited to);


1. If a player bets out of turn, their chips are returned and that player in restricted from raising for 1 (one) betting round.


2. If a player is forced All In by a blind or other means and has not seen their cards, they may keep their cards Face Down until such time as they are required to Open them at the end of the hand.


3. ReBuys and Addons


i. If a player loses their chips during the First session of play, they are entitled to 1 (one) ReBuy providing they have the correct pre-requisites to obtain it. If the player then loses their chips a second time in the First session of play, they are then out of the Tournament unless in such Tournaments where multiple ReBuys are available.


ii. If a player has lost all their chips (as per section 3.i), they may not receive their AddOn at the beginning of the Second session.


4. All hands dealt to stacks with no player seated must be mucked with the exception of Big Blind. Big Blinds cards must stay alive until such time as a decision is required outside of Checking, only then may the cards be folded.


5. Where a rule has not been set in an unprecedented situation, Standard Texas Hold`em rules apply.


6. PPN Tournaments are played in Shoot Out format unless otherwise specified.


7. After the dealer has shuffled the deck, the player sitting to the left of the dealer must cut the deck. A cut must be performed with only one split of the deck between 5-47 cards. Any occurrences of more than one split will result in the action being deemed as a shuffle and the dealer must reshuffle and have the deck re-cut.


8. If the cards have not started being dealt before the Tournament host announces a raise in blind levels, the blind raise is applied to that hand. If the dealer has dealt at least one card before the announcement, the raise is deferred to the next hand.



Behavioural Code of Conduct


1. Players must abide by the Code of Conduct set by PPN at all venues and events.


2. The Code of Conduct is a set of principles, values, standards or rules of behaviour that:


i. Contributes to the welfare of its members; and


ii. Respects the rights of all patrons and staff within the club.


3. Players are required to show respect to all other players, patrons and staff at all times.


4. A player may be asked to leave or be deemed ineligible to play if:


i. They are found to be swearing excessively;


ii. They are found to be abusing (including but not limited to physical, emotional or mental) another player, patron or staff member in a public or private manner;


iii. They are found to be making an unfit environment (subject to 4.ii.) that causes distress or humiliation to any person(s);


iv. They have been found to be playing the game unlawfully in accordance with any rules depicting Fair Play; or


v. They have an unacceptable standard of hygiene or dress in accordance with the Venues Dress Code.


5. Player who are knocked out of any events may commence a private Buy In game (overseen by the PPN Tournament Host) providing:


i. The entry fee is no more than $25;


ii. There is NO rake taken;


iii. The legislation set by the VCGLR regarding Buy In games is followed; and


iv. The PPN Code of Conduct is followed.


6. An employee of PPN at an event where they are not commissioned for work will act at all times as a player unless otherwise specified by the commissioned Tournament Host. They may only administer any authority if the commissioned Tournament Host has extended their authority to that player and may only hold authority for the time and situation specified.


7. a. Anyone found breaching the Code of Conduct will have punitive measures assigned at the discretion of the Tournament Host on the night. Such punitive measures include (but are not limited to):


i. Having the player sit out for a predetermined period of time;


ii. Having the player sit out for a predetermined number of hands;


iii. Removing the player from the game for the night;


iv. Removing the player from the game, league or venue for a predetermined length of time; or


v. Defer the matter pending Managements` assistance.


b. Any player believing they have been assigned an unfair punishment may contact PPN via the Contact Us page or email us directly at and request an investigation into the matter.


8. PPN reserves the right to modify or change, without warning, any and all sections of the Code of Conduct.