Win $10,000 Super 10 Players

How to win one of 9 or 10 x Super Seats:


Win a Share of $10,000 in GTD Cash Prizes (To be Won each year)


-Win a Quarter Final (Win 4 Seats)


-Win a *Gold Tix Event as a Qualifier (Nightly Winners Qualify*) Total 2 x Events (Win one of Two Seats) 

Note: Only *Qualifies can win a Super10 Seat


-Win Player Of The Year (Win 1 Seat)


-Win the Yearly Venue Winners Table (Win 1 Seat)                                                                                                                              


- Qualified Runner ups from each Qrt Final & each Gold Tix Event Play off for 1 x Seat)



Note: If a player has already won a Seat, the runner up will win that Super-Seat. 



Members who invite a new member to sign up and play with I.D shown receive 10k bonus chips !






$200* Jackpot won for 2 wins in a row with minimum 30 players required for each of the 2 wins by Winning 2 games in a row @ same venue on same 2 nights 7 days apart or at different venues on consecutive nights (Mon & Tues or Tues & Wed etc) 


Jackpot is capped at $200 per Qrt Season


2020 Jackpot Starts at $20 and increases $20 each week until won


(Note: increases $20 each week until won and capped @ $200 each time)(*excludes Finals or Gold Tix events or special events).


Jackpot can also be won between 2 consecutive Qrt seasons only within the same year.


Jackpot resets at $20 after each Qrt Season if not won.



- "New member bonus $100 prize" for winning & inviting a new member to sign up & play with minimum 30 players on same night.


Invite a New member & you could win the $100 bonus prize!



$200* Weekly Jackpot for 2 wins in a row - Minimum 30 players req for each win*

Poker Fundraiser Sunday Dec 5 @ Wantirna